14 Questions & Answers to Discover if Relocating to Los Angeles is for You

Last year Forbes published an article to help people make the tough decision of whether or not to relocate. The original piece asked some really important questions, and we would like to answer a few to help you decide whether or not you should move to Los Angeles.
View of Downtown Los Angeles

1. Will I love my new job?

This is something only you can answer, and it will play a huge role in your overall happiness. Regardless, you will need a peaceful place to unwind when you come home, regardless of whether you had a good or bad day.

2. Where will I live?

Personally, we can be biased – it’s our blog after all. We like to keep our L.A. apartments simple yet comfortable and convenient. The cost of our units includes all the bills and amenities of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. We wouldn’t want our tenants to live anywhere we didn’t want to live, so we only pick the best areas and then personally pick each unit in every building (we’re particular like that).

3. Who will pay for relocation expenses?

If you’re moving for work, relocation expenses may be something you can negotiate with your employer. Otherwise, it is highly recommended that you plan ahead for expenses. You may also be able to deduct your moving expenses on your federal income taxes. Reminder: Renting with us eliminates some of the hassle and costs of relocating, like setting up utilities and moving furniture.

4. What is the cost of living in this new city? Can I afford to live in the new city and still save some money?

That is a very important question. The Location Affordability Portal and CNN’s: Cost of Living Calculator are great resources to help you answer this.

5. Can I definitely envision myself learning and advancing my career by taking the new job?

This is another question that we encourage you to think about. However, L.A. is home to a vast number of industries and some of the best places to work. The opportunities for growth are here, even if it doesn’t work out with your current company.

6. Will we make friends easily?

Yes! As long as you’re willing to explore the city and take advantage of the endless list of things to do and see, you won’t have problems making friends or connections in Los Angeles.

7. Will living and working in the new city provide me with better opportunities than my current situation?

Again, we need to be a bit biased here. With a population of 10 million people, they’ve all found something that captures their interest and love for the city.

8. What are the benefits of relocating for this job? Do they outweigh the obstacles?

    • Weather
    • Outdoors
    • Great food
    • Great people
    • Culture
    • Entertainment
    • Professional sports teams


Obstacles? What obstacles?

9 . What is there to do in the new city besides work?

Everything. We don’t even need to brag on this one. You have the beach to the west and the mountains to the east, comedy clubs, live-music, museums and an array of restaurants in between. There is no such thing as a boring day in L.A.

10. What am I leaving behind?

Anything you leave behind can be found in L.A. or nearby – and anyone you leave behind will want to visit you on their vacations.
View of Santa Monica Pier

11. How do I handle change?

Don’t be afraid of change. There’s a place for everyone here because L.A. is very accepting and accommodating of any lifestyle or personality. The most you ever will have to change about yourself is the scenery right in front of you.

12. What is the neighborhood like?

Our apartments are situated in the Beverly Hills and West Hollywood area. These are known worldwide as two of the hippest, trend-setting neighborhoods in the world.

13. What is the weather like?

Is it summer? Is it spring? We have a hard time telling and that’s a good problem to have. Weather isn’t usually a topic of conversation in Southern California except for the rare hot or rainy day. Average temperatures typically range from 55 degrees in the winter and 85 degrees in the summer.

14. Will I be happy overall?

We can’t define what happiness means to you, but if you’re open to exploring everything the city has to offer, then you’ll never run out of opportunities to define it for yourself.

Moving to a different city can be challenging – regardless of the reason that you’re actually moving. In our near 40-year history, tenants from different walks of life have made the move to Los Angeles with the assistance of LA Furnished Apartments. And, since navigating a new city’s housing and rental market is one of the most stressful parts of relocating, we aim to make it easier on everyone who rents with us. Contact us about our current units and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.