3 Reasons to Rent a Furnished Apartment



Furnished Apartments are a much better alternative to staying in a cramped hotel room and truly feel like you are living at home. For all those used to traveling, after the first few minutes of walking into a hotel room, the first thing you do is put your things down and sit on the bed. You then look around at a small gray room with dim lights, stiff sheets, and all the comforts of a weekend at your in-laws. The rooms are so generically sanitized to the point of driving one from their hotel room to look for relaxation elsewhere. Haven’t you ever wondered why the bar in the lounge is packed no matter what time of day?


The list of features in our furnished apartments is truly amazing. High-Speed Wireless Internet, 42″ LCD Flat Screen HDTV with the Premium Roku TV package with over 400 Channels, Stereo CD Player, Unlimited Phone Service, Full Kitchenware, Linens, Towels, Soaps, Shampoos Etc. You name it, chances are we have it and much more. Each room is packed and decorated with everything you would want to make you feel at home (and hopefully a little more :)

We Actually Care:

LA Furnished Apartments is a family run business which was started in 1976. That means we have the experience, care and personal touch absolutely necessary for our clients to find the perfect short term apartment and enjoy a wonderful comfortable and problem free experience. We know your time is valuable, why not spend it in luxurious comfort?

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