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Avg hotel space = 350 sq ft -vs- Avg LA Furnished Apartment = 800 sq ft

That’s more than double the space for less than half the price!

Hotel “Features”

  • 14% hotel tax
  • Tiny kitchenette (if there is one)
  • Stuck on busy street
  • Pay for parking and tips
  • Pay for slow internet connection
  • 1 premium TV channel, if lucky
  • Pay for all phone calls and call for messages

LA Furnished Apartments saves you $4,350.00+

See the Hotel vs LA Furnished Apartment Comparison Chart

Do It Yourself

  • You handle setup and payment for all connections and deposits for utilities, cable, phone, gas, electricity
  • Landlords tend to avoid short term tenants
  • You must spend a lot of your own time
  • You are responsible for additional costs to maintain property
  • Can you find a short term rental anywhere near our prices?

LA Furnished Apartments

  • Fully-furnished
  • All utilities, gas, electricity, cable, phone already paid and implemented
  • No waiting and immediate housing
  • Professional management – all problems prevented or remedied quickly
  • Rent or extend to odd times of the month

$1000’s saved in addition to saving your own time and effort

Take a look at all of the Amenities included in our apartments!

Considering an Unprofessional Sublet?

True Story:

Once, in New York while on business, I stayed in an unclean and overpriced sublet.

In the early AM, I was awoken by the owner walking into my apartment because he forgot his shirt.

I said, “Get out of here!”

To which he replied, “I’ll only be a minute… In fact, I need the apartment back earlier than I thought.”

LA Furnished Apartments – For undisturbed comfort. Stay as long as you wish.