Hotel Comparison

Hotel vs LA Furnished Apartment

ExpenseHotelLA Furnished Apartment
Room Rate$7500 ($200-300×30 days)$3990 (Or $133/day – Utilities Allowance Included!)
Room Tax$1050 (14% in Los Angeles)$0 (Taxes Are Included!)
Food$1200 ($40 min. Hotel and outside dining × 30 days)$200 (for groceries) $200 (dining out)
Laundry$300$12 (in quarters & washed right!)
Calls$105 ($0.81@5/day avg.)$0 (Unlimited Long Distance!)
Internet$300 ($10/day avg.)$0 (High-Speed)
TV$$ (order premium channels)$0 (42″ HDTV with Premium Package! HBO/Showtime/Cinemax 600+ channels)
Parking$$$0 (Underground Secure Spot Incl.)
Total Cost (30 Days)$10,455.00 avg$4202.00 avg

Total Amount Saved = $6253

Hotel Pricing in Los Angeles: