LA is so Relaxed, Carmegeddon Was a Big Deal

Recently, LA had a lot of news hype over the 405 Freeway shut down for 53 hours, on the weekend, between two major freeways. They named it “Carmageddon,”and predicted that all major freeways would be conjested for hours but it turned out to be a quiet, peaceful weekend with most of the freeways clear of traffic. Perhaps they were staying home as a result of the hype or visiting one of the many local attractions in the area. LA has so much to offer, all within a 25 mile radius. An article in wikihow: lists many attractions and vacation hot spots in LA, from relaxing beaches to the seven major theme parks within Southern California-Six Flags Magic Mountain; Universal Studios Hollywood; Knott’s Berry Farm; Disneyland Park; Disney’s California Adventure; Legoland California; and SeaWorld San Diego. Los Angeles nightlife boasts many different locations, from Hollywood to Downtown Los Angeles, offering entertainment around the clock.

Stability In the Housing Market

September, the month that started our real estate stabilization, brought new home builders and a sense of hope that the worst recession since the 1930s may be steadying. At the same time, foreclosures hit a record high with Bank of America and investigations into JP Morgan Chase and Ally Financial. “At least we’re making some progress here,” said John Herrmann, senior fixed income strategist at State Street Global Markets in Boston. “It’s a slow, steady-as-she-goes improvement in builder activity.” With the increase in foreclosures and new home builders, the corporate housing industry has been inundated with an influx of requests for temporary housing. Whether people are remodeling their houses or in transition, LA Furnished Apartments has stepped in with beautifully furnished apartments in apartment communities that feel like home. With a remodeled kitchen, new appliances, a flat screen TV, pool and gym, home is a classy yet comfortable place to be.

11 Questions to Ask When Renting a Furnished Apartment

11 Questions You Should Worry About Asking With Any Other Corporate Apartment Company:
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  • Is the price guaranteed? -Always get this in writing. When people are pressed for time, the chance of spotting something irregular or misleading is decreased dramatically.
  • Would the price drop if I were to book for a longer time frame? This is a good question to ask during those off season times when it is mutually advantageous to both parties to encourage longer term stays.
  • Are there extra fees for utilities or are they included? Small print can be deceiving.
  • How about that high speed Wi-fi? Is it actually fast?
  • Is the phone service for limited local calling or am I charged for long distance? This question people never ask but I know of companies with disreputable practices and this is one of those that can snag a person unwittingly.
  • Can the phone receive calls from another country without a problem? VERY IMPORTANT for our European friends.
  • Is the TV service the bare minimum or are premium channels included? For those vacationing, you’re going to rack up some TV time, so why not enjoy it?
  • What about Pay Per View? Sports fanatics have asked about this before, so if you have any deep seated fan roots and need to watch every game, make sure you don’t miss out.
  • Is the Parking included? It should be. In high trafficked areas, parking is a premium and it’s not getting better.
  • How many spots do I get and can I pay for an extra spot? Tandem spots may be arranged if the company can provide them and it’s definitely worth it to ask if there is a second car.
  • Is this underground or covered parking? This is not as important as it is in cold climate areas. In cities with a hard winter approaching, you’d better believe this is a must.