Corporate Relocation

Sometimes, business or personal matters may require a corporate relocation to Los Angeles. In turbulent times such as these, many companies are seeking refuge in a stronger economic climate. Current estimates of population growth report that over 50% of the US population live in, or just outside, of a major metropolitan city. What better way to increase marketing, branding, sales and ROI, than in one of the most populated metropolitan areas in the world?

The weather is not the only reason people flock to LA, but it’s a great start. :) Consider our economy and the direct impact sunny California has on a disposition. Of course I don’t need to tell you that, California does a great job selling itself.  Imagine business meetings where the prospective client would be thrilled to come to meet you, verses the other way around!  To this day, the only complaint I’ve ever heard about LA is, “There are no seasons!” My reply is always the same,”That is why I live here!”

In the event of a corporate relocation, the sublet market offers you the best solution along with the best bang for the buck for you and your employees. There are plenty of apartments in Los Angeles ready to become your temporary homes. The problem is that most of them are not professional landlords, thus completely unprofessional and have no idea how to treat a client. Sure they might be less expensive but how do you feel about sharing a possibly illegal two-bedroom apartment with some guy, his girlfriend, and their cat? How about a house that is only on the sublet market because  someone is trying to weather the housing storm and cannot afford the upkeep or repair anything? These are bad situations to be sure, but they lack the basic amenities we provide by default with the privacy you need and an area in which you want to be.

The good part about subletting is that it provides the comfort of a completely furnished and elegant apartment that is ready to become your temporary housing solution. This is why we are so popular with repeat customers and clients familiar with the sublet market. Browse though our locations and take a look at all the amenities we include, then feel free to contact us today about relocating your company.  With LA Furnished Apartments, corporate relocation housing in Los Angeles has never been more rewarding and affordable.

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