Extended Stay Guests

Los Angeles is a common destination for may people, whether it’s about business traveling, moving for a new job, or personal affairs. When in need of a new residence for an extended stay, only two possibilities come to mind: renting from an extended stay motel/hotel or subleasing an apartment, hopefully for a short-term.

Finding an apartment to rent can be a bothersome and time consuming process, which is probably why extended stays are so popular. You will more than likely end up in a hotel for weeks on end until you settle for something like an illegal sublet or sharing an apartment with someone who can’t afford it by themselves.  These are certainly not quite desirable just because you were so anxious to get out of that hotel room.

Now think about how much time it would take if you got lucky and found a nice apartment quickly.  You will generally have to sign a six-month or one-year agreement. Consider all the things that have to be done before the place is ready to move in. I’ve never assumed an apartment that did not need at least a few days touch up and repair.  Then you need to wait to take possession before you furnish the apartment so there is an address to deliver to. At the end of the day, it wouldn’t be very cost effective, taking into account all the taxes, your time, and additional costs for furniture or decorations.

Check out our Compare page for exact info about this do-it-yourself approach.  While commendable and with all the right intentions (a certain road comes to mind :), a professional sublet from us will save you time and money for your extended stay in Los Angeles. We have many fully-furnished apartment locations that are ready for you to move in. All of the facilities and amenities you can expect from your own home are included and our units are professionally cleaned, which is likely to be much more than what a standard sublet or even the cramped and usual extended stay motel environment offers.

Oh, and all this without someones ex busting in during the middle of the night with a spare key demanding to know why their significant other is cheating on them with you. ;)

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