Government Employee Housing

Working for the government may imply spending weeks or even months in short-term and long-term assignments.  If you are a federal or state government official, or even a civilian contractor in need of temporary housing in Los Angeles, we can accommodate your per diem.

We are better than a hotel, and for long-term assignments, those little rooms are not comfortable or tranquil when getting “home” from work at the end of the day. Moreover, for shorter stays in Los Angeles, the sublet market itself is so much more attractive for government housing in terms of size and comfort.  If you are in charge of scheduling, wouldn’t you want your employees well rested in the morning and more productive during the day while coming home to a temporary home that is designed to be conducive toward relaxation?

With our services you can easily find affordable apartments that feel like home. How? Because we already have them set up and waiting for your needs.  We have cherry-picked the most beautiful units in various buildings around this area and have them professionally furnished, tastefully decorated, and cleaned.  If you visit our Compare page, you can immediately see the benefits of what we offer over hotels, extended stays, and even the more expensive alternatives like Oakwood, the Palazzo, and Broadcast Center. What you can’t find with the average unprofessional sublet is what we offer: professional subletting where the owner of the apartment won’t, and can’t, burst in on you or your client in the middle of the night! (Yes, this is a horror story we hear all too often from our guests’ past experiences elsewhere!)

Every apartment we choose out of a multitude of buildings has been fully furnished with amenities – all with your comfort in mind. Additionally, you can rent our units for as long as you need without ever having to deal with an owner or even a landlord.  Subletting with us offers you all the flexibility you need and at a great price. Our units are so inexpensive that we undercut hotels and our competition that aren’t even in the same exclusive areas we represent. The cost is well within a government housing budget and is much more comforable than a hotel stay. Whatever your needs are, LA Furnished Apartments is here for you.

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