Serviced Apartments

A serviced apartment is another term for fully-furnished, short-term housing, which our international guests are more familiar with.  This is exactly what we provide,  as we include all the amenities of home and possibly more! Serviced apartments far outweigh hotels in their amenities and price. With all of the features that we offer, you will see that there is no comparison to hotels.

Our units are geared for privacy and the freedom of an apartment you can call your own, a covered parking space and all the modern conveniences not offered at a hotel.  All of our services are included in the price of the apartment with no hidden fees, taxes, or extra costs.  One of the many benefits of a serviced apartment is a fully-equipped kitchen and service for four, so there is no need to eat out at restaurants everyday or rely on an outrageously expensive mini-bar. When you calculate restaurant/hotel food costs, our serviced apartments save you a lot of money!

Not only do we offer an incredible value, we have partnered with a housekeeping firm so that we can facilitate for you to have your apartment cleaned according to your schedule and as often as you like! The word ‘serviced’ does not do our units justice as they are much more than that. We have designed our apartments with furnishings with one purpose in mind: to provide comfort and tranquility for our clients. Even though these apartments are quiet and provide an excellent work environment, the size of the unit and amenities the buildings offer provide an atmosphere of additional comfort and privacy.

The apartments we have chosen are located just off of a main street, so the area itself is quiet and peaceful with the option of walking over to stores, nightlife and cafes for some outdoor and interactive fun. You will be living in the center of the city.  Why not enjoy all that Los Angeles has to offer? Check out our comparison page and I’m sure you’ll see that LA Furnished Apartments will save you money and time while providing you with exceptional value and privacy with your new home away from home. Whatever your needs are, whether it’s business, personal, or anything else, we bring the comfort so that you can enjoy the pleasure.

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