Frequently Asked Questions

So how much is the rent?

Nice, straight to business. A completely furnished one bedroom apartment rents from $3590 per month.

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes. $1000 -less than 1/2 the month’s rent. It is fully refundable at the end of your stay, providing there are no damages beyond normal wear and tear of the apartment.

What is the minimum stay?

30 days is our minimum although for guests staying for 3 weeks or so, do the math! If you divide our rent by the days, it’s still an incredible deal with all that we offer.

Do you have any 2 bedroom apartments?

Yes we do, starting at $4990.  And they are HUGE!

Are utilities included? Are there taxes? What about hidden costs?

There are absolutely no taxes or hidden costs involved or charged to you in any form whatsoever. We pay for all that we offer and we make an effort to be as forthright as possible about that. Still there are disreputable companies and we understand your concern about that. Utilities are also included up until our $40 monthly allowance. $40 is the average that our tenants spends a month on one of our corporate units. It includes electric, gas, water, sewer, and trash. Occasionally a tenant goes over this amount slightly and if it is just a slight overage, we let it slide. (It is NOT a source of income for us and we hate charging for overages. In warm and sunny California, there is usually no need to go over this amount in terms of heating and cooling the apartment so the real overages are caused by accidental negligence i.e. by leaving the air conditioning or appliances on when leaving the apartment for a long period of time (or for days on end) or not reporting a sink leaking/toilet running and incurring a huge water bill -that sort of thing. Guests sometimes wonder where the extra charges are and I just keep repeating that there are no hidden fees. Sometimes I wake up screaming “all inclusive!” but only my neighbors hear that.

How do I proceed in renting a unit?

Just fill out the “Make a Reservation Inquiry” form that is in the right sidebar of most of our pages, and please read the information that is immediately sent to the email address entered. A deposit of $500, which is the holding fee, and also 1/2 of the security deposit will be required ahead of time to secure your stay with us. Once you are ready to put down the hold fee, you can do so here: https://lafurnished.residentportal.com/

Do you offer extensions if I need to stay longer than my lease?

Absolutely! We are extremely flexible with extensions and rearrange our schedule all the time. We ask that you let us know as soon as you can so we can make the appropriate adjustments with our upcoming clients and cleaning crew.

Do you take pets?

The short answer is ‘maybe’. We have set aside a few of our units to serve guests with pets but the majority of the buildings are not pet friendly and do not allow them. These units that are set aside depend on availability and unfortunately limits the apartment options/choices available to pet owners.

Can I have a guest stay with me?

Of course! The only stipulation is if another person occupies apartment for more than a week, they must sign and be added to the lease agreement.

How many people can stay in the unit?

2 adults and 1 small child in the 1 bedroom units and 4 Adults and 1 child in the 2 bedroom units. You’ll find our 800 + sq ft units to be spacious and quite comfortable.   Additionally, some of our units are furnished with a queen size fold out bed.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For the 1st month and the security deposit, we accept E-Checks (ACH), Cashiers Check, Money Order, California Checks, Western Union or Cash payment with reciept. After the first month, we accept all the above forms in addition to Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card. We will also submit any paperwork your company may need.

What makes you any different than the big guys like Oakwood, the Palazzo, or Broadcast Center?

Well, if you put aside the huge price differences (we are at least $500 less), then what truly makes us different is that we listen to you, our guests.  Our staff, from the owner to sales, answers each and every email personally. Try us!  Send a question or comment to us (like: “Where has LA Furnished been all my life?”) and you will get a real response from an actual person (like: “In West Hollywood, thanks for asking.”).

How else are you different?

That last answer didn’t do it for you? Okay, how about this: anyone can listen but we also take action. Sometimes it’s something like fixing a complaint reported by a tenant immediately. Sometimes it’s acting on the needs of our clientele – for example, we used to get occasional requests for a premium cable package so we figured that TV is a great way for our guests to relax in our apartments after a hard days work. So, we added a 42″ LCD HDTV to every new apartment and expanded everyone’s cable package to premium and offered it for free! (Actually I thought the key was TV and Beer but then the words “accountability” and “law” came to mind.)

How do you make money?

Whoa now! We make money off of the small margin we have (in between operation costs, actual rent, the furnishings we provide, the utilities, etc.) and this is only successful through volume, or we would go out of business. The bottom line is that we are not trying to maintain huge offices, a big staff, or spend a fortune on marketing, as these costs would end up being passed on to you.