LA is so Relaxed, Carmegeddon Was a Big Deal

Recently, LA had a lot of news hype over the 405 Freeway shut down for 53 hours, on the weekend, between two major freeways. They named it “Carmageddon,”and predicted that all major freeways would be conjested for hours but it turned out to be a quiet, peaceful weekend with most of the freeways clear of traffic. Perhaps they were staying home as a result of the hype or visiting one of the many local attractions in the area. LA has so much to offer, all within a 25 mile radius. An article in wikihow: lists many attractions and vacation hot spots in LA, from relaxing beaches to the seven major theme parks within Southern California-Six Flags Magic Mountain; Universal Studios Hollywood; Knott’s Berry Farm; Disneyland Park; Disney’s California Adventure; Legoland California; and SeaWorld San Diego. Los Angeles nightlife boasts many different locations, from Hollywood to Downtown Los Angeles, offering entertainment around the clock.