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Corporate Apartments are the same exact apartment and type of tenant you are leasing to now. One difference is I am the tenant and our tenant is a tenant. You meet him, we check him out thoroughly, and I sign a one year lease. He stays the time his corporation allows, which is up to 6 months.
Corporate Apartments are a multibillion dollar industry operated worldwide by Bridge Street, Oakwood, Equity Investments, and locally by Park La Brea, The Palazzo, Residence Inn, and Marriott. It solves an old problem for owners and a new one for corporations. You get the 1+ year lessee; a consistently on time rent check, and a tenant who will thoroughly and spotlessly clean your apartment every 4 to 6 months, including carpet. The corporations get a cheaper bill than a hotel, and their employees are happier.
It is a long term solution to the ups and downs of vacancies, bad seasons or down markets. This is a solution where you won’t have to chase tenants for rent checks, and a solution to annoying questions that tenants ask at move-ins, move-outs and odd times of the night. It is a mini-management system that costs nothing and saves management time and money. You also get a professional, quiet tenant.
Our goal for you is to create additional income, shorten your turnover time, and make management easier. This business stabilizes the up and down vacancy that market owners have had to experience in the past. There is a constant demand for your apartment by corporations who do not know you exist, yet.
Who becomes your new tenant…?
Fortune 500 Companies who have on payroll a new generation of traveling, hired problem solvers, sales executives, regional managerial help for law firms, accounting firms, engineering projects, writers, editors, movie production companies and hospital staff including nurses, young residents, trainees.
Some of the apartments in the past were filled with RNs, LPNs and Resident Doctors from Core Medical, Cedars Sinai, USC Hospital and World Health. The entertainment industry has pre and post production employees from Universal, CBS, BET, Elite Modeling, Warner Bros, BBC, Tele-Mundo, CBS and Warner Bros.
The legal industry has lawyers on assignment from Dunn and Kutcher, Japan Legal Assoc. and numerous smaller firms.
The stay is an average of 4 to 6 months, and many are longer. We remain on the lease for as long as you will have us.
These travelers are home owners who work most of the year on the road in different cities. They are not on vacation. They are on job assignments from home offices in Texas, NY, London, Brussels, Tokyo or Missouri. Some, of course not many, are in marriage transition, remodeling homes, relocating; or have sold homes.
They all share one thing in common; they do not want to live in a hotel as a guest or with friends.
Tenants make a minimum of $60,000 – $150,000, are college educated, work driven travelers, who want to do their job and have a quiet, fully furnished place to stay in a nice neighborhood.
How you benefit…
1. Our company will sign a lease for a year or more. All corporate prospective tenants’ applications are taken and checked out to see that they have AAA credit and no UDs. The tenant agrees to your lease, signs all lead notice forms, rules and regulations.
2. You have 100% control. We have yet to evict a tenant. If you do not like a tenant, we serve him; we pay the legal fees and pay rent during and after the process.
3. Our firm has a 4 million dollar liability and property damage policy, good credit, pays rent on time and throughout the lease period.
4. We are 10 minutes away from your location for fast response.
5. Furniture is brought in disassembled in boxes causing no damage, and remains with the apartment throughout our lease period.
6. You gain a AAA credit tenant-me, and a AAA quiet professional resident-them.
7. We absorb the downtime for turnovers, advertising, showing the apartment; manage keys and move-ins and outs.
8. You still maintain full control and a full building with earlier than the 1st of the month rent checks.
9. We take no commissions
10. We take care of re-rentals
11. We take care of any tenant problems that come up and pride ourselves on being professional and useful to management companies we serve.
Let me know when we can get started.
Sholom and Debbie Fine
Pillsbury Dayton was formed in 1999, after 30 years in the traditional residential commercial fields of Real Estate.
Our company is a member of AGLA, Apartment Owners Association and CHAPA. We are domiciled in Los Angeles, with associates worldwide. Past certifications include IREM as a CPM, sales and brokers licenses in Minnesota and California. Sholom Fine has owned, operated and sold 2,000 units for Universal Properties in Beverly Hills and his own portfolio of 2,000 units in Minneapolis, MN.