Sports Cars and Sandpaper

How can I picture the difference between Hotels and you guys?

Imagine driving around in a two-seater sports car. Now that’s a pretty picture but put yourself behind the wheel. You feel the power obviously; you also feel the wind with th

e top down and the envious stares from all around you. What isn’t obvious in your image is how cramped the car actually is. It’s built for speed but everywhere you look there are speed limits and cops are looking for cars like yours to pull over. You may have the ability to speed but always risky opportunities. The car is aerodynamic but it’s so close to the ground that you might as well be driving the Flintstones car when you feel every jar and bump the road has. The car is small and therefore has great maneuverability but at the same time it cuts out 2 of your friends because it is lacking a backseat and even if it does, how does it feel pushing your seat forward for them to get in and out? How do you feel about spending 5x the average person’s salary on a car and then moving the gears yourself? What conveniences aside from a CD player and A/C are left out to simply focus on the raw power of the car? Oh, and you’re paying $200,000 for all this.

Now imagine you are in a luxury car. Put yourself behind the wheel again and feel the elegance. You have a powerful engine but glide forward instead of roaring ahead. You have the privacy of people staring at your tinted window wondering who you are but unable to look inside. Police are no longer waiting to pull you over but looking on enviously. The car sails so smoothly down the road that you might as well be weightless. The car has 4 doors for your friends and is fully loaded with state of the art amenities, gadgets, xm radio, gps and a host of other features. For $60,000 is there a comparison?

The hotel is the sports car. It’s a pretty picture from the outside until you are in the cramped interior. Service is at your beck and call 24 hours a day but how often do you really need that? How does it feel to be sandwiched with 500 other people and how often have you wondered how many people have the key to your room? How about wondering how many shady people have been through that room using the linens that you’re supposed to sleep on and are they really clean? How much time do you actually want to spend in the room itself and while the room is built for necessities and does this well, soon the cramped bedroom begins to take its toll. What conveniences are left out to focus on getting you in and out of the hotel to facilitate a faster turnover? Oh and you’re paying $160 a night plus having to carry a wad of cash around to tip everyone you run into.

LA Furnished Apartments is the luxury car. Spread your arms out on the couch and feel at home, which is what temporary housing is supposed to be. Have the conveniences of a home, not a hotel. Enjoy 3x the space in a fully decorated apartment. Friends over? No problem. Want to watch something on a premium channel? Can do on a 42” flat screen HDTV. Privacy? You’ve got it. High speed wifi? It’s faster than a hotels speed if they even offer it. Soap that doesn’t come wrapped in paper and then dries your skin out? Try our liquid moisturizing soap. Toilet paper that doesn’t double as sandpaper? We’ve got it and now so do you. Check our comparison page if you want some visuals. Oh, and enjoy your stay with us for $89 a night.