What is a Furnished Apartment?

Quite literally, time saved.    Time is money!  

What is a LA Furnished Apartment?  

Furnished or Corporate Apartment by definition is time saved for you. We take the time to scouring the city for a centrally located building with full amenities, residential friendly location, quiet, clean outside and inside, and responsive management, so you don’t have to. Anything less is unacceptable and we won’t select it. The Apartment itself has been “cherry picked” by us based on its location to the street, its view, the privacy, the natural light, spaciousness, possible fireplace etc.  We save for you the time to set up utilities, TV. Phone, internet and prepay for all prior to taking occupancy. Plus, we offer a host of features like 42″ flat screen HDTV’s with premium Roku package, beautifully decorated, fully furnished with contemporary leather furniture, premium pillow-top beds, full sets of 300 count linens, kitchenware, etc. all included in the single rental price. No charge for taxes, fees, or hidden surprises of any kind.  Our difference is we offer all of these time saver services and furnishings, and beautiful upscale apartments for one rental fee and a 30 day minimum stay. There are no yearly leases to sign check out when you want. There are no shopping trips to purchase or rent anything at all. Everything our residents could want is already at the apartment and waiting for them to move in. Comparing corporate housing to that of a hotel, tiny extended stay, or unprofessional/ smelly old, and possibly illegal sublet with someone else’s shirts, keepsakes, and lumpy bed, a waste of what we could all use more of: time.

Time Save, done for you, your way, with a dream apartment at LA Furnished Apartments, the hottest and latest luxury apartments in LA!


  1. John says

    Great points! For those of us in the furnished rentals and vacation rentals business we know that a furnished place means all the goodies like tv’s, amenities, wifi, phone, silverware etc. It’s funny how many times we explain to travelers that furnished rentals for the most part are truly “turnkey”. Just stock the refrigerator and you are pretty much set. Even with the most detailed listings there are bound to be questions to satisfy the traveler that you are for real and not scamming them. Posting guest reviews can really go a long way in boosting inquiries and bookings. Enjoyed your comment on sublets as most are done on the “sneak” and do you really want to work with someone trying to fudge the situation? Not me. Interesting to me that some travelers will rent a “room” in an owners home. I guess they are just looking for a cheap place to flop for a while but that would be really scary to me, especially traveling to a new town and by the way does the door lock to my room? hmmm scary! Keep up the good work! John

  2. LA Furnished Apartments says

    Thank you John :) I really like the layout you guys have. Its great to be on your site as well!