Why the Volcano Will Not Disrupt the Travel and Housing Industry

Trans Atlantic travel was rocked today by a massive plume of volcanic ash, spewing sporadic heat, clouds of sediment in the air and causing a melee of mechanical difficulties. The pockets of heat caused unpredictable and violent effects on airliner engines and flights unable to be diverted are being grounded with all precautions taken.

The massive plumes of smoke that will hover in the atmosphere for days is enough to cause safety concerns because of obvious issues of visual impairment and the sediment that the volcano is spewing includes so many metals that it would play havoc on mechanical systems and sensor readings.

Where our industry is concerned, the fallout from volcanic ash is likely to severely hurt the airline industry and is costing a reported 200 million dollars a day but this will not cause a significant blow to the travel and housing markets. I have a couple tenants who are stranded and were en route to us but we are rearranging the schedules around them and we will see them safely after this weekend is over. Global Economic Insight chief for UK and European Interests Howard Archer says “The overall impact should be very limited even if the problem persists for a day or more … ,” In other words, this disruption does not equate with the eradication of the dinosaurs, and it will be business as usual in another few days.